Help for couples whose lives turned upside down

Because you are intimately connected, when one of you goes through a major life change, it affects you both. Recovering from addiction, changing religion, major illness, or career change in one partner can wreak havoc on a marriage. Maybe divorce has crossed your mind, but it's not what you really want. You just don't see how you can keep going on like this. You love your partner and just want to go back to when life was good. Most couples wait years after problems show up before they seek help. Don't wait any longer. We provide marriage counseling in the Inland Empire in Riverside, California and online. Marriage counseling can help you find each other again; we can help you have the conversations you want to have and not the fights you don't. You can rebuild trust, fall in love again, and become the best version of you! Take a look around our site to learn more or call now for a free consultation.

Major life change

The bottom dropped out and you’re left wondering, “What happened to me?” Your spouse is angry and hurt and confused. You try to understand but don’t know how you can go back or make it right. You’ve got enough to deal with trying to figure out how to put your own life back together. It all feels so overwhelming!

Supporting a life change

Your spouse is going through something big. And through no choice of your own, except choosing to marry this person, you’re all caught up in it too. You feel like you got hit by a truck. You never saw this coming and don’t know just how to deal with it. You’re trying to love and support your spouse, and at the same time you feel betrayed, angry, and resentful that you now have this life-changing challenge you really don’t want. You wish you could just go back, go back to before this bomb dropped on you, back when things were good.

Couple’s Therapy Intensives

When you are ready to fix your relationship, when you’re motivated to change, when you just can’t stand the distance between you anymore, help can’t come fast enough. Like a couple’s retreat, intensive therapy sessions allow you to dig deep and make real change quickly.

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