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photo-1466979939565-131c4b39a51bWhy choose Inland Empire Couple’s Counseling?

Deciding to come to counseling with your partner is a big deal. You make that decision, and then you have to decide which therapist you’re going to see!¬†You’ll want to make sure you both like the therapist and feel she (or he) can help you. We’ve had clients tell us that they have a hard time choosing because some therapists don’t call them back or they find someone they like and that person doesn’t have openings for months. We’d like to let you know what you can expect from marriage counseling with Inland Empire Couple’s Counseling.

Professional skill

We are a group of passionate, experienced marriage counselors and couple therapists serving the Inland Empire. You can learn more about our therapists here. We are committed to providing excellent service and are always working to improve our skills. Our therapists are trained in research-backed methods of couple’s counseling; we believe in doing what works for our couples and not only relying on our own ideas, personal experiences, or folk wisdom.

A personal experience

We started as an operation of one person and developed business practices and habits that give our clients a completely personalized experience. Even as we grow, we are committed to maintaining that personal feel for all our clients.

  • Working with a marriage counselor is different than reading a book or attending a class. You get an experience that is tailored to your individual situation, problems, and personalities.
  • We are easy to access. We always respond to calls and emails. After you are matched with a therapist, you communicate directly with that person. You don’t have to go through a receptionist or scheduling or billing departments.
  • We have time for you in our schedule; we don’t overbook our therapists. You won’t have to wait weeks between appointments. Most of our clients come weekly.
  • And because our therapists are not overloaded, we have time to do things that benefit you between sessions. This might be research to help you find the answer to a question or to find you a needed referral. Or it might be reading or consultation to improve our knowledge and skills so we can better help you.

Compassionate honesty

We will be honest with you. We care about our clients too much to withhold valuable information, sugar-coat things, or not give you our honest, informed, professional assessment. This is part of the process of growth, and we will help you through it. We are not the kind of therapists who will just repeat back everything you say–“So you say that you’re angry”–or ask you repeatedly in a soft voice “And how does that make you feel?” We will tell you what we think and where you are getting in your own way, and we will help you find practical, workable solutions to your problems.


We prepare. We think about your goals, your progress, the previous work we’ve done together, and we make a unique plan for each session. We’ll work with you to meet your needs. At the end of the session, we work together to create a record of the session–what you might typically think of as a therapist’s notes. You get to tell us what was meaningful about your session and what inspired you to try something new. Going through this process is helpful for you: it increases the likelihood that things will actually change outside of the time you spend with your counselor.

Celebrating your successes (and sometimes even laughs)

Really! We laugh. Therapy is serious business and hard work. It can be emotionally exhausting and sometimes even scary. Part of our philosophy is to find joy wherever we can to balance out the hard and the sad. We will cheer you on as you move toward a more fulfilling relationship and away from the pain and disconnection that’s tearing you apart. That journey often involves some trial-and-error; and we’ll be with you when you slip to help you get back on track. Somehow, we find something to laugh about in almost every session. As you get closer to the person you want to be and the relationship you want to have, therapy might even become fun!


You can come to our office; it’s on Brockton Ave between Central Ave and Arlington Ave in Riverside, California. We can come to you; we can meet in your home or office. Additional travel fees may apply. Or we can meet online; we use a secure HIPAA-compliant service for online sessions. Before your first session, you will get instructions that let you know what to expect and how to prepare for each session type.


Our office is paperless. Any forms you need to fill out are done securely online. You can do them when it’s convenient for you. There’s no showing up early to sit in the waiting room writing on a clipboard. In fact, many of our clients hardly use the waiting room at all. We are typically prompt with our sessions and may even be waiting for you when you get here. We accept payment by cash, check, or credit/debit card. If you’d rather not bring a check or count your cash, we can charge the card you’ve stored securely with our HIPAA-compliant billing system without you even pulling out your wallet. Easy.

Would you like sessions longer than an hour? Consider scheduling an intensive.

If you’d like to work with us or have additional questions, contact us.