Addiction and Couple’s Counseling

Addiction Recovery

Recovering from addiction is tricky. Is it a medical condition, a moral failure, or a behavior problem? And what’s the best way to get better? There are many different opinions such as willpower, 12-step groups, faith-based approaches, inpatient, outpatient, medication, and others. Because what worked for your friend or family member might not be the same thing that works for you, we encourage you to consult with an addiction professional. We offer addiction recovery for couples in Riverside California. We can assess how severe your addiction is and then recommend a customized treatment program.


Addiction damages relationships

If you’re reading this page, you probably know all too well the damage addiction causes to relationships. For example, you may have experienced broken trust, empty promises, judgement, and shame or guilt. Maybe you’ve thought about better times and wondered if you could ever be those happy, loving people again. It can seem pretty hopeless and bleak.

Healing is possible

What if we told you it’s possible to rebuild trust? To fall in love again? To recover from the damage addiction caused? It might be hard to even imagine, but it is possible! Recovery requires hard work, honesty, and courage. We can work together to build your relationship into something beautiful–a relationship where both of your needs are met, where both of you feel loved and supported, where you are happy and safe together.

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