Couple’s Therapy Intensives


When you are ready to fix your relationship, when you’re motivated to change, when you just can’t stand the distance between you anymore, help can’t come fast enough. You might have looked into a couples retreat in California or marriage therapy near you. Intensive marriage counseling sessions are a combination of a relationship retreat and couple’s counseling, and allow you to dig deep and make real change quickly.

What’s an intensive?

Intensive therapy sessions are longer than the typical therapy hour. We are able to accomplish in one day what might otherwise take several weeks. Intensive sessions require preparation and hard work from all involved. All the hard work can be so rewarding! You come spend a day in our offices in Riverside, California for an intensive day of reconnecting. We recommend combining your couple’s therapy intensive session with a night at a hotel to make it a real relationship get-away.

What’s included?

  • A completely personalized experience
  • 3 hours with your therapist
  • 30 minute phone or online session per individual in the week prior to the intensive
  • Beverages, snacks, and lunch or dinner

Contact us at 951-999-7775 to discuss how scheduling an intensive can make a big difference in your relationship.