Mormon marriage counseling

Do you need a faith-based therapist?

It depends. (How’s that for a therapist answer?) Many people think “I’m a Mormon/Christian/Muslim, so I should work with a Mormon/Christian/Muslim therapist, right?” Our answer is “not necessarily.” A therapist who is from your same cultural and religious background might have the same blind spots and biases you do. While a therapist from a different background might be able to help you think outside the box and have creative solutions you haven’t considered. On the other hand, working with a therapist who knows nothing about your religious or cultural background can be frustrating and exhausting. You may spend half your time educating the therapist about where you’re coming from and what’s important to you.

The question some people are really asking is “I”m a Mormon/Christian/Muslim, so I should work with a therapist who understands my faith and the important place it has in my life, right?” Our answer to this question is “definitely yes!” We hope one of us can be that therapist for you.

Marriage Counseling for Mormons

Our LDS brothers and sisters, we love you. And we love helping you. If you decide to work with us, you won’t have to spend any time explaining church organization, teachings, or lifestyle. We understand. You won’t have to explain what a calling is and why it’s not so simple to just say no to one even if you are stressed, overwhelmed, and/or depressed. And as your therapist, we will protect your privacy. It’s part of our job. No details about you would ever be shared with other people in the church. We can’t and won’t even confirm that we see you as a client to your spouse or bishop without your written permission to do so. We can help you find solutions to individual and family problems that are in harmony with your faith and religious practice.

Other religious people

Though not from your religious background, we may work very well together. We have worked successfully in the past with individuals and couples from Baptist, Evangelical Christian, Fundamentalist Christian, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witness, and Muslim faith communities. We understand the important place of faith in your life and the way it influences your thoughts, your family life, your identity, and the way you see your place in the world. You can call for a free phone consultation at 951-999-7775.

Mixed-faith marriages

“How did we end up here? We never thought we’d be a couple who fights over religion!” One of you is questioning your religion, or has left religion, or has found a new religion. Maybe your previous differences didn’t seem important, but now that you have kids you’re fighting about religion all the time. You love each other and don’t want to get divorced, and yet you don’t see how you can keep going like this and don’t see a way out. There’s disappointment, sadness, confusion, anger, and desperation.

We can help. We help couples find love and trust again when one of them has left their religion. Some couples say their relationship is even better now than it was before!


What you won’t get from us

We don’t take a position that one religion is better than another or that religious belief and practice is better than non-belief. None of us is a leader or representative of any church or religion. We won’t offer suggestions to read scripture, pray, or attend religious services. As your therapists, that’s not our job. That’s the job of your religious leader or community. If you find these activities bring meaning and fulfillment in your life, we will support you in continuing them. We won’t encourage you to change your belief if you don’t want to. If you find that leaving religion brings you peace and happiness, we will support you in that decision.

What you will get from us

We are here as your therapists, first and foremost. The therapist’s role is to help you have healthy and satisfying family and marriage relationships. When differences of religious belief or practice are impacting your relationships or your individual happiness, we will talk about it. Your therapist will help you explore your options and create strategies that allow you to have individual freedom and also family togetherness and support. We believe there is enough creativity and love and respect in the world to allow you both to have your own personal journeys while maintaining loving and happy family relationships.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!