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Finding the right therapist for marriage counseling will make a big difference in your experience. Working with someone who isn’t a good fit, will make your counseling experience harder than it needs to be. We encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer, then give us a call at 951-999-7775 if you think we’d work well together. We offer counseling for couples and individuals dealing with a variety of life challenges and free phone consultations to potential clients.

When you have a major life change and your marriage suffers

The bottom dropped out and you’re left wondering, “What happened to me?” Your spouse is angry and hurt and confused. You try to understand but don’t know how you can go back or make it right. You’ve got enough to deal with trying to figure out how to put your own life back together. It all feels so overwhelming! Click the link above to read more.

When your spouse’s life change affects your marriage

Your spouse is going through something big. And through no choice of your own, except choosing to marry this person, you’re all caught up in it too. You feel like you got hit by a truck. You never saw this coming and don’t know just how to deal with it. You’re trying to love and support your spouse, and at the same time you feel betrayed, angry, and resentful that you now have this life-changing challenge you really don’t want. You wish you could just go back, go back to before this bomb dropped on you, back when things were good.

Mormons and other religious people

Do you need a faith-based therapist? It depends. (How’s that for a therapist answer?) Many people think “I’m a Mormon/Christian/Muslim, so I should work with a Mormon/Christian/Muslim therapist, right?” Our answer is “not necessarily.” Click the link above to read more.


Recovering from addiction is tricky. Is it a medical condition, a moral failure, or a behavior problem? And what’s the best way to get better? There are many different opinions such as willpower, 12-step groups, faith-based approaches, inpatient, outpatient, medication, and others. Because what worked for your friend or family member might not be the same thing that works for you, we encourage you to consult with an addiction professional. We offer addiction recovery for couples in Riverside California. We can assess how severe your addiction is and then recommend a customized treatment program.


When you are ready to fix your relationship, when you’re motivated to change, when you just can’t stand the distance between you anymore, help can’t come fast enough. Intensive therapy sessions allow you to dig deep and make real change quickly. Click the link above to learn more.


We love educating our community about mental health and relationships. Invite us to come speak to your church, corporate, or community group. We’ll create a unique presentation to meet your group’s needs.